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3 x Plastic Multi Purpose Fridge Jug Pitcher Jugs With Lids Set 1.2L

3 x Plastic Multi Purpose Fridge Jug Pitcher Jugs With Lids Set 1.2L

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DIMENSIONS of JUG is 27cmx14.5cmx10cm -

Set of 3 colourful pitcher jugs to make storage of drinks much more easier. Thin and slim pitcher jugs embossed with a hammered pattern with ergonomic features such as integrated handle, removeable lid and easy pouring spout to safely store & access various drinks such as juice, milk, smoothies or even simple water!

Pitcher jugs crafted in a thin & slim shape not just for easy storage of drinks, but for the jug it self to be easily stored/placed as well. Due to the tall yet thin structure, these jugs will be able to hold 1.22 litres of any drink & you will be able to place it inside fridge doors, on kitchen worktop or dining table. Slim structure means space can be used wisely & eye catching yet clear structure means identification of what drink is stored inside.

High quality pitcher jug set designed to be handy at anytime for dining or serving purposes. Being made from durable plastic, this jugs set is reusable for storing & delivering any type of drink you wish. This jug set will excel many needs & as it is lightweight you don't just have to use it at home, you can also take it with you to easily serve drinks during picnics or any other outdoor outing.

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