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SOKA® Carry Along Keyboard Children Kids Musical Instrument Toy

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Let your little musician develop his or her creativity with this carry along keyboard available in vibrant colours



  • SOKA Music Centre carry along keyboard
  • Develop skills like hand eye coordination, learning music & listening
  • Perfect creative gift for kids to get involved in learning music
  • Comes with record & playback feature
  • Minimum Recommended Age 3 Years+


    Product Features


  • 8 musical instrument sounds from piano to guitar
  • 8 different temp control rhythm from rock to blues
  • 4 sounds electronic drum set/ 4 animal sounds
  • Record and playback function
  • 5 demonstration songs
  • Volume control/tempo control
  • Battery operated
  • 3 Flash lights


    Perfect Toys for:


  • Playing music wherever you go
  • Experimenting with rhythm and melody
  • Discovering the joy of music
  • Inspiring your young musician
  • Singing along as you play


    Approx. Product Dimensions: 34cm X 16cm X 4cm

    Approx. Box Dimensions: 36cm X 20cm X 7cm

    Requires 4 AA batteries

    For better performance do not mix old & new batteries




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