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10 LED Solar Bulb Type Party String Lights, Warm White

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The garden lights are solar powered, meaning that once purchased they will provide no extra cost to you. Simply place the solar panel somewhere in your garden with lots of access to natural light, and then watch as they automatically collect the suns rays in the day, and turn this into light in the evening. The garden lights have an ‘Auto-On’ feature that will automatically turn the lights on in the evening as soon as the sun sets. This means that you don’t need to go outside and manually turn them on every day, giving you more freedom to just enjoy your evenings outside with friends and family even more. The garden solar lights are weatherproof to IP44 standards, meaning they can be left outside in any weather condition without suffering any compromise to the quality of the lights.


OUTDOOR PARTY LIGHTS – These bright white solar powered LED party lights are fantastic for every occasion from weddings to festivals decorations, and from BBQ’s to summer garden parties.

1 METRE LONG – The set of 10 LED light bulbs stretch 10cm apart for 1 metre. This gives you ample illumination for outdoor events. These garden party lights are designed for outdoor use only.

SOLAR POWERED – These garden lights utilise solar power to illuminate your outdoor spaces in the evening. All you will need to do is place the solar panel in an area of the garden with lots of natural access to sunlight.




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