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A4 Dry Wipe Magnetic Whiteboard Mini Office Notice Memo White Board Pen Eraser 2 magnet

A4 Dry Wipe Magnetic Whiteboard Mini Office Notice Memo White Board Pen Eraser 2 magnet

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  • ✔Eco & Weather Friendly- All Season Usage Without Any Effect from Rain or Snow. Minimum Shedding. This Board will never be spoil due to any of the reasons. NITAAR’S White Board is fantastically executed and we assure you that you have never get this type of quality before. And Our Whiteboards are designed to provide extreme bending stiffness, the perfectly carves edges give an excellent appearance to the board.
  • ✔Durable & Long-Lasting- This product is way too durable and really long-lasting. It is made up of bumptious quality. It can easily sustain heat & heavy usage. It is very soft by touch and contains the best elasticity. No sharp edges and divinely crafted from all sides have a smooth finish. And proudly MADE IN INDIA. The Corners of this board are very customized and carefully executed.
  • ✔Board Dimensions and Scratch Resistance- The dimensions of this board is 29.5cm x 22.5cm x 2cm. It is suitable for use at home, office, schools, classes, etc. It works very well with any Dry Erase Whiteboard Marker. Excellent Erasibility with No Ghost Marks, High scratch resistance and Maximum Readability with Minimum Glare. It is 100% Flat, no rigidness at all only plain & Smooth Surface.
  • ✔Perfect-Surface & Light Weight- This best and rare surface acts as a backbone and provides a strong reinforcement to the board. This brilliant board is also suitable for Corporate, Institutions & Personal Use and lot more. All we can say is you just need this whiteboard for your growing business. It is totally wrap-free, scratch-free and really smooth.
  • ✔Package Contents & Packaged Weight- 1 Brilliant Whiteboard- (with dimensions- 5cm x 22.5cm x 2cm) and Packaged Weight:0.157kg5. It also contains a marker or pen. This lightweight Plastic Frame is beautifully fitted and locked by perfect corners and pasted with the latest equipment that makes this board sleek and aesthetic in all formats.

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