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Daewoo Electric Bacon Master Health Non-stick Grill 900w

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The Bacon Master health grill from Daewoo is perfect for cooking bacon without the fat. Lay it flat on the hot plate, or stand the plate and hang the bacon, giving an even cook while the grease and fat is collected in the drip tray below. This versatile health grill is ideal for cooking a variety of foods thanks to its non-stick marble design, meaning you can cook eggs, chicken, burgers, corn and grilled vegetables, and more.

Features Include:

  • 180° Health Grill: Open the lid to lay flat and create a larger griddle surface
  • Perfect Bacon: Use the standing hot plate to hang bacon so the excess fat is caught in the drip tray
  • Healthy Cooking: No need for oil
  • Non-Stick Surface: Easy to clean and ensures your food doesn't get stuck to the hot plates
  • Versatile: Not just for bacon, the health grill is ideal for low fat cooking of chicken, fish, vegetables, and red meats
  • Even Cooking: 900W of power means fast and even cooking

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