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Double Sided LED Lighted Shaving Vanity Illuminated Makeup Magnifying Mirror

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  • PRECISE BEAUTY ROUTINES - One side of our mirror is for viewing the whole face while the other side allows for 5x magnification--perfect for applying eyeliner or mascara and grooming eyebrows.
  • SIMULATES NATURAL LIGHTING - Now you can easily apply makeup even in poorly lit areas! Our makeup mirror provides natural lighting, ensuring your look will be just as flawless in broad daylight.
  • MADE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - Featuring a 360-degree swivel, our round mirror with light is super flexible. Adjust its angle so you get the best view of your face. At 18.5x103x31cm, it's the perfect size!
  • ULTRA-STYLISH MIRROR - You’ll love the sight of our elegant face mirror on your dresser. It also provides ambient lighting, with a touch-sensitive dimmable light that lets you save energy.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR MAKEUP LOVERS - Do you know anyone who loves makeup? Then you’ve just found your next great gift idea. Our fancy double-sided makeup light mirror is perfect for all occasions!

Looking for a mirror that lets you apply flawless makeup?

Your makeup can make or break your look. In this area, details matter. Your one essential tool is your mirror. But with subpar lighting, even the best mirrors can fail to deliver.

Sometimes what you think is flawless makeup turns out to be a shade too dark or pale when you move into a room with better lighting. It can get even worse outdoors, where natural light highlights imperfections.

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