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Electric Insect Killer Trap UV Light Tent Lamp Mosquito Fly Bug Zapper Catcher

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- Multi-function: UV mosquito killing lamp and LED lighting.

- Two light modes, you can choose the brightness that you want.

- Soft light won't hurt your eyes. High efficiency and low energy consumption.

- 100% Safe: Chemical-free, smoke-free, odour-free, pesticide-free, non-toxic, harmless to humans and pets.

- UV wavelength is 360-400 nm and is designed to attract all types of insects including mosquitos and common house flies 

- Easy to use and safe: Comes with hooks, lamp covers and plastic cages to protect you from internal wiring.

- It is super quiet and will not bother your sleep and make sure you have a quiet night.

- Small size and easy to carry. It won''t take up too much space for you. Your child can carry it as easily as a toy.

- Suitable for indoor, outdoor, family, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, garden, camping, tent, field and so on.

- 5V Low Voltage USB Rechargeable (rechargeable battery included), no high voltage cables required, so it's safe to use inside as well as outdoors. The light should NOT be kept outdoors overnight without a cover. 


Material: ABS
Battery: Rechargeable (Included) 
Charging: USB (Cable Included) 

Shell Colour: Light Green

UV Wavelength: 360-400NM

What's Included:

1 X LED Mosquito Killer Light with rechargeable battery 

1 X USB Charging Cable

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