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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - SpO2 & Pulse Rate Measurement

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What is the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter?


The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is an innovative medical device that can detect and measure your pulse rate and artery SPO2 (blood oxygen) in a non-invasive way. The device is small, portable and is suitable for home use, medical, sports and more. It features reliable accuracy, durability and 4 display modes. The easy-to-read, graphical display shows you your blood oxygen value and pulse frequency value. If you’re looking for a simple and convenient way to measure your pulse and blood oxygen value, try the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.

Why should you check your pulse?


Your pulse is your heart rate and is usually measured in beats per minute. A normal resting heart rate is between 60 and 100 bpm. Measuring your pulse can help you to track many different factors to ensure you and your heart are healthy. It can tell you if you are exercising at the right level for you. It can also help to identify if there is a problem with your heart. If you have a fast heart rate (a rate that is outside the normal 60 to 100bpm when resting) and you are experiencing symptoms such as breathing difficulties, shortness of breath, dizziness or fatigue can be a sign of a heart problem. If you have a low heart rate (resting heart rate that is less than 60bpm) and are an athlete it usually isn’t a cause for concern. However, if your heart rate is low and you’re experiencing symptoms such as dizziness and fainting, this may be a sign of an underlying health condition. Checking your pulse can also identify whether your heartbeat is regular. If you measure your pulse and notice something out of the ordinary, it is important to schedule an important with your GP. 

What is artery SPO2


SPO2 is the amount of oxygen in your blood. It is important that your body contains a certain level of oxygen in the blood in order to help it to function normally. Oxygen is found carried by a protein called haemoglobin which is found in the red blood cells. Your blood oxygen levels are measured by identifying how much oxygen the haemoglobin your blood is carrying and is called oxygen saturation. This is displayed as a percentage out of 100 and can be measured using a pulse oximeter. 

How does this Oximeter measure your pulse and SPO2?


The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter uses a sensor that detects the flow of blood through the finger to give a reading of your pulse. The oximeter can also determine how much oxygen is within your blood to identify your blood oxygen levels. The oximeter is small, light and portable, so is suitable for home use, medical, sports and taking on the go. It features reliable accuracy and durability and an easy-to-read display that tells you both your pulse and SPO2 reading. The oximeter also has an automatic power off feature to help save the battery life. This product comes with two AAA batteries. 

How to use this product


The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is easy and non-invasive.


  1. Install the batteries into the product
  2. Place your finger within the oximeter before releasing the clamp with your nail facing upwards (avoid wearing false nails or nail polish when using this product as it can hinder the accuracy of the reading)
  3. Press the button on the front panel
  4. Try to keep as still as possible to ensure the reading is accurate
  5. Press the button on the front panel to change display direction
  6. Read the data required

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