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Melodia Italian Crystal Set of 6 Champagne Flutes 16 cl

Melodia Italian Crystal Set of 6 Champagne Flutes 16 cl

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These simple but beautiful champagne flutes are the perfect choice for celebrating a special occasion. Made in Italy, the high quality design is perfect for a dinner party or special event, and guaranteed to impress any guest. The brilliant, clear crystal adds a timeless look of elegance which will boost any tableware, creating a contemporary twist on a classic look. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or an impromptu party, these champagne glasses will certainly set the celebratory mood.

• Made in Italy, RCR crystal is renowned for being of the highest quality, with a luminous effect which reflects light and gleams
• A set of six, these gorgeous glasses are the perfect companions to a freshly opened bottle of crisp, fruity, golden champagne
• If you are looking to refresh your glassware, these champagne flutes are a fabulous addition, adding luxury and sparkle to your home
• In a classic shape with thin stems and intricate designs around the bases, these glasses will look perfect in any setting
• Invite your friends over for dinner and pour them a delicious glass of champagne to get the evening started in style

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