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Memory Foam Leg Pillow

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Benefits of Placing Leg Pillows between legs:
  • It adds comfort and eliminates pressure
  • It reduces the stress on the hip
  • It's great for people who suffer from lower back pain or leg pain
  • Side sleeping is also useful for those with breathing abnormalities
  • It improves blood circulation
  • A good night's sleep is essential to reinvigorating your energy and mental awareness. Not only can it help boost your mood and prepare you for your day, but also help you recover from illness or heal from injury

Features:Memory Foam Contour Leg Pillow/ Leg Raise Pillow/ Leg Support PillowThe Memory Foam Leg Pillow provides softer, more conforming support for a custom fitPillow fits curves of your legs and stays put all nightSuper-soft velour cover is removable and washableMade from 100% viscoelestic memory foamOverall Dimensions: 24 cm (L) x 21 cm (W) x 14.5 cm (H)Weight- 224g

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