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Multicoloured Star Light Projector

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Whether you want to bring life to a dull room, set the mood for a relaxing evening or even help your child have a peaceful sleep, the star light projector will do all of this with its unique display. The cylindrical shaped light emits white, green, red and blue light, casting a mesmerising star blanket onto your walls and ceiling and creating the illusion of outer space.

The top cut by diamond shape makes it a unique where you put your star light, as nearer to the ceiling you will see the larger diamonds and as more distance to then ceiling it will change shape to stars. The more distance the smaller the stars become. The side is designed to have stars in first appearance  to the wall.

With this star light you can feel the galaxy atmosphere of stars.

The light projector is powered by 3 X AA batteries (not included) or AC 4.5 volt adaptor plug (not included). The use of LED lights ensures a minimised power consumption thus making it economically and environmentally friendly.

This soothing light projector is simple and easy to function. It is operated by two buttons – LED and Star. The “star” button emits static white lighted stars whereas the “LED” button activates an LED light show (green, red and blue) which flicker to give you the perfect ambience of a star studded night.

  • Dimensions L12.5 x D11.5 x H11.5cm 
  • Weight of 180g approx.

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