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New 2020 D8 Pro Electric Scooter with 7.8Ah powerful, 350w motor, 15mph-25mph range

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Manufacturers warranty.

The battery is guaranteed for half a year, and the controller motor is guaranteed for one year. If the accessory is broken, we will send you a new one to replace it. If it is caused by man-made damage or water inflow, the customer needs to pay for the accessory.

2020 D8 Pro Electric Scooter with 7.8Ah powerful, 350w motor, 15mph-25mph range, 8.5inch tyre, KCQ code Bluetooth tech Security locking system- Foston S08 Pro

Fyinest Electric Scooter New 2020 D8 Pro

LED Display Control Panel

Battery Indicator Display

7.8Ah Battery

350w Motor-Power

15mph- 25mph Range/Distance

8.5inch Honeycomb tyres (non puncture)                                      

3 second Foldable

Disc brakes - offer greater stopping power                        

Max load weight 120Kg or 18.5 Stones                               

3 Speed mode: ECO, Drive and Sports                                       

APP Bluetooth Mobile Phone Connection

KCQ code tech Security Locking System

Front and Rear LED Light

15mph – 25mph Speed – You can get it chipped to go faster if you needed - (We don't provide this service) Long distance life, and high security power 7.5 Ah Lithium battery.

The state of the Electric Scooter is well known Bluetooth, fault reminder, can be clearly understood through the control panel One button, multiple ways to play In the off state, short press the key to start In the power on state, long press the switch for more than 3 seconds to shut down When the power is on, press the switch once to turn the light on/off. In the power-on state, press the switch twice to switch the speed mode continuously.

Simple design, accompanied by beauty along the way from the frame to the accessories, the uniform and simple geometric design language is adopted, and the colour tone is harmonious and unified, which explains the simple design aesthetics.

 Package Included:

1 x Electric Scooter

1 x English Manual

1 x UK Charging Adapter

1 x Hexagonal Wrench

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