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Sink Tap Water Filter for Kitchen Tap Water Purifier, Carbon Water Filtration

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  • Five-layer filtration: Food grade rubber; PVA none - woven fabric; Zeolite; Calcium sulfite; Coconut shell actived carbon. Actually remvoe the unhealthy elements to the large extent.
  • Great item for reducing residual chlorine in water as well as removing impurities inside the water. Enjoy clean water with the help of this health tap water purifier.
  • Removes rusts, parasites, contaminants, worms, residual chlorine, algae, heavy metal ions, dirt, organic pollutants, unpleasant tastes, cryptosporidium and giardia.
  • Easy to install and use; Rust resistant and durable; Good for bathroom or kitchen.Activated carbon water filters can be installed only on a circular outlet tap, the outlet can't be installed in the square and other shaped hand mixer. Please install according to home faucet spout shape later.
  • Note: It is suitable for faucets from 16 to 23 mm

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