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Vinsani 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Staple Kit

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  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE HEAVY DUTY: Staple gun with staples included. Great staple gun for repairing upholstery on chairs etc. Staple fabric and upholstery with ease.
  • ADJUSTABLE DRIVING FORCE: You can freely adjust the force according to different materials to reduce the fatigue of your hands.
  • USAGE: The three-way-tacker staple gun is perfect for screen repair, Ideal for door and window enforcement, desk enforcement, wooden box binding, fixing wires, upholstery, and decoration. repairing furniture, repairing window blinds, and fastening plywood amongst many other uses.
  • FEATURES: Ergonomic grip for easy handling and effortless operation when using the staple gun. The staple gun includes depth adjustment knob and palm squeeze trigger for easy operation.
  • SIZE: With open lock handle: 12.8 x 16 x 2.2 cm. The foot length range of applicable staples for D Shape: 4mm-14mm leg length; U-Shaped: 10mm-12mm leg length and T Shape: 10mm-14mm leg length

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